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WhatsApp, Telegram, Instagram from Wazzup Recommended Free

We connect WhatsApp, Instagram and Telegram to Bitrix24

ChatApp for WhatsApp, Telegram, Viber Recommended Mobile Free

The leading no-code chatbot builder. Grow your subscriber list, create bots and broadcast messages on WhatsApp, Telegram, Viber, Instagram, Facebook, Email, SMS and Messenger.

WhatsApp for Bitrix24. Whatcrm Recommended Mobile Free

Connect WhatsApp to Bitrix24

Chat Booster Free

Provide high-quality and personalized conversation flows to speed up customers resolutions and scale every part of your business.

PowerZap WhatsApp API for Bitrix24 Recommended Mobile Free

Turn your WhatsApp into a sales machine with the new PowerZap WhatsApp API for Bitrix24. Much more quality, stability, security and with better support. Start now!

Salebot Free

A widget for integrating Bitrix24 and SaleBot. is the most functional service to create different chat bots and pipelines in all the popular social networks and messengers. Integration allows the connection of chat bots in messengers with Leads in Bitrix24, with the possibility to write in chat bot from the Lead, as well as to store any information about the person from the bot and all correspondence with him in the Leads. You need a SaleBot account to configure the integration. Go to and Sign up. Then create the project and in the side bar menu of the project find the tab «Integrations with CRM». Then click on the Bitrix 24 connection and enter the necessary data. Click the link to read full installation description:

Chat2Desk (Integration with messengers) Recommended Free

Application for integration with messengers (Chat2Desk)

WhatsApp Business API Recommended Free

The application integrates the WhatsApp Business API into your Bitrix24.

Telegram by Whatcrm Free

Connecting Telegram to Bitrix24 allows you to integrate Telegram with your Bitrix24 account, making it easier to communicate with clients and transfer files directly through Open Lines

WhatsApp Business API Gupshup Recommended Free

The WhatsApp Business API Gupshup application is a connector for connecting the official WhatsApp Business API to the Bitrix24 Open Channels through the official Facebook partner Gupshup.

Telegram Free

Telegram integration by phone number

UMNICO - WhatsApp, Telegram, Viber and social media Free

Popular instant messengers and social media integration into Bitrix24 for customer communication automation

InCRM: WhatsApp Free

Top WhatsApp integration, Top price for your business needs

TG24 Mobile Free

The TG24 is a free application to connect your Telegram accounts with Open Channels at the your Bitrix24 account.

WhatsApp Link Free

The application allows you to send messages to customers on WhatsApp from Leads, Deals, Contacts or Companies cards. You can write to clients first. When sending a message, a dialogue with the client opens in the desktop or web version of the WhatsApp application.

Line messenger Recommended Free

Line integration is designed to send messages, images, audio, video files from one-on-one chats to Bitrix24 Open Channels

E-chat Free

The app enables communication with customers from Viber and Telegram through the Bitrix24 interface.

(142) Chatbot & Messaging. WhatsApp, Instagram, Telegram Integration Recommended Free

Improve service with automated, customized messaging and instant chatbot responses directly through the CRM system interface.

Telegram Notifications Free

Plugin enables Telegram notifications via bot or business process. Send important notifications with formatting, buttons, media, location, and contacts. Free setup for you or your team.

Chathub Free

Chathub by EDNA Enterprise Conversational AI to connect with your clients 24/7

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